1170 & 1200 Hancock

June 24 2023

Dear Neighbors –

Construction Update:

As many of you are aware, the project includes improvements to Russell Park to add landscaping and upgrade utilities. With approval from the City, we will be closing down a portion of Russell Park this summer to complete the second phase of utility work and begin surface improvements. The street closure is now underway through September 4th. 


We evaluated the possibility of keeping a portion of the street open to thru traffic, but the closure will allow us to continue the construction of the project in the safest and most expedient way possible. 



1170 Hancock Street

  • Brick installation on the facade is now underway and will be wrapping up shortly
  • Masonry restoration of the Masonic Temple is ongoing and is expected to be completed at the end of June 
  • Cabinetry and countertop installation is underway
  • Interior finishes are underway and will continue through September 
  • Site improvements are expected to start in June and be completed in late August 



1200 Hancock Street 

  • Roofing is substantially completed
  • Window installation is underway
  • Brick installation at Level 1 is underway
  • Interior mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work is ongoing
  • Air Vapor Barrier installation is ongoing
  • Facade finishes are expected to begin as soon as window installation progresses over the upcoming weeks



We continue to have supervision at the property and encourage anyone to reach out to us or our construction team with questions, concerns, or comments.

Our team will be providing the community with updates like this one every other week, which will include notices of any upcoming activities for the week following and will be posted to our website.

Visit our website to review previous updates, to find construction-related contact information, FAQs, and subscribe to these emails.

Email us at: 1170and1200hancock@foxrockproperties.com

For construction-related questions or concerns, call: 617-347-1765

For project updates or general inquiries, call: 617-829-2719

Thank you,

The FoxRock Properties Team