1170 & 1200 Hancock

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you restore the historic Masonic Temple?
Yes, the project will renovate the iconic two-story Masonic Temple with a new restaurant operator taking over the ground floor of the building.

Will residential apartments be located inside the Masonic Temple?
No, there will be no units inside the existing building. There will be a new six-story addition, with 66 units located over the area of the building that was destroyed by the fire.

What is the plan for parking?
Parking for the project will be satisfied by surface parking adjacent to the Masonic Temple site and a garage located at the 1200 Hancock Street site.

How many apartments will be built?
We’ve proposed 66 apartment units at the 1170 Hancock (Masonic) site and 135 units at the 1200 Hancock site.

How tall will the buildings be?
Both residential buildings will be 6 stories tall. The project meets the requirements of the zoning code which allows for ten-story buildings at both sites.

Will there be any retail at 1200 Hancock St.?
There will be 2 new retail spaces along Hancock Street.

Who do I contact for construction-related questions?
For construction-related questions, call our construction hotline: 617-347-1765. For neighborhood-related inquiries or project details contact the FoxRock team at 1170and1200hancock@foxrockproperties.com or 617-829-2719

How can I get project updates and how frequently will they be sent?
Please visit our Contact Us page to sign up for email project updates. We will be sending out construction updates on a bi-weekly basis until vertical construction begins, then updates will increase to weekly.

What does the project timeline look like?
Please see our About Page for more details on the project timeline.

What steps are you taking to ensure the safety and security of the site?
8′ high construction fencing will be installed in February around the site as well as security cameras, which will be monitored remotely during off-hours, weekends, & holidays.

What is your pest mitigation plan? Who is your pest mitigation partner?
Bait stations will be placed every 20 feet along the perimeter of the site and monitored by our pest control partner regularly. We are working with the City’s preferred vendor – LadyBug Pest Control.

When should we expect to hear demolition noise?
We anticipate the demolition process will take 2 months, starting in February. We will be following the City’s Noise Ordinance, operating demolition Mon.-Fri. between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday demolition will be on an as-needed basis only.

What are you doing to mitigate dust on site?
The following measures will be taken onsite to mitigate dust:

  • Wetting demolition areas and exposed earth areas and covering dust-producing materials
  • Modifying the construction schedule when weather conditions can lead to dust impacts
  • Cleaning/sweeping Russell Park & Huntley Road at the access/egress gate locations when soil material and debris are present as a result of the work
  • Monitoring dust with perimeter air quality monitoring stationsan